Vinyl or latex – choosing a blow up dolls

Blow up dolls may seem like a novelty gift or prank to some people, but to others they are fully functioning sex toys. One of the most attractive things about these dolls is that they are conveniently cheap, cheaper than any kind of sex doll. People who prefer inflatable dolls over TPE and sex dolls find the material, size and price very convenient. Unlike the other dolls, an inflatable doll is easy to store. You can just deflate it, fold it up and store it somewhere in your closet. Another thing about these sex dolls is that they are easy manufacture therefore they come in different and more variety when compared to the basic sex dolls. Generally, sex dolls are made from either natural of synthetic latex. Latex material is good from long term use and can also withstand human touch for quite a long time. Just like hand gloves or normal balloons, they are not dangerous to humans. 

The latex blow up dolls will not puncture even when force is applied. The only way to ruin your sex doll is by subjecting it to sharp objects or by handling it extremely roughly. When you stress latex too much, you will end up with a useless doll. Make sure you have no allergic reaction to latex before you purchase the sex doll. Vinyl dolls, when compared to latex, they are a bit stronger. Just like latex, vinyl is a string plastic material. It is one of the cheapest plastic materials used to make sex dolls. Just like latex, it comes in a wide variety of colors.  Vinyl is humidity and moisture resistant, which makes it a perfect sex doll. When you stress on latex dolls too much, they can tear more easily as opposed to vinyl dolls.