Tips for your first fist

The first idea that comes to mind when you mention anything about fisting to friends is the pain that it would cause. It is very normal to wonder whether it would really cause any kind of pleasure or rather some pain, but experts explain that it is all about the techniques. You do not have to be a pro to enjoy such sexual activities and if you have been having this fetish for a while then it may be time to explore it. This kinky sexual activity will require training and skill and the only thing you will need to bring is yourself, unless you want to incorporate some BDSM or something. You will not learn how to fist by taking it the first time you are doing this, you need to start with smaller things like but plugs and gradually get bigger ones as you grow more comfortable into them. Lubricant is one important thing you would not want to miss out on during this activity, especially when you are double fisting.

  Friendly toys for this activity may be expensive but they work way better than hard and cheap plastic ones. Do plenty of researches before you decide on the kind of lubricant you need. at any point, do not compare yourself with people who have done this before because we are all different and we have different experiences and needs.  The stigma around this sexual activity has been around for quite a while. If this is truly a fetish of yours, you should ignore what people say and involve yourself with diverse fisting communities around you. Understand all the risks related to this extreme sexual act before you go into it. Training and stretching some parts of your body to unimaginable lengths can lead to dangerous situations. Ensure you understand the risks ahead of you and come up with precautions before anything.