Sexual ideas you should share with your partner

It is normal to have certain sexual fantasies and desires and even more natural if you want to act on them. For a strong sexual relationship with your partner, you should always be open about the ideas and fantasies you want to act on. A huge number of us always fantasise about having sex in a romantic place even without knowing it.  The meaning can be different individually depending on everyone’s idea of romantic. It could be as common as a fancy hotel, flowers and some Champaign or as simple as having a hot bath together. Sharing these ideas rather than keeping them to yourself will help your sexual relationship more. If your sexual relationship is frustrating, you might be doing something wrong.  You can try having sex in unusual places, and by that I mean somewhere you and your partner have never done before. It should not necessarily be in public.

You can also ask your partner to adopt new and exciting positions in the bedroom to make things spicier. In this unique century, there is nothing wrong with asking your partner for some oral sex. You may be the kind that likes to give more and receive plenty and that will spice things up for both of you.  Are you more dominating or submissive when it comes to sex?  Either will work well when it comes to fulfilling some sexual fantasies. Professional studies show that men love to be vulnerable and under your control some of the time; which is why you should surprise him with some Miami mean girl sex now and then.  Sex in public places is illegal, but most men definitely fantasies about getting it on in a public place, or at least boosting their sexual desires. You should totally talk to your partner about things you can do to make this happen.