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Among the manga that is offered in the market, some of them have incredible popularity all around the world. Besides of the stories that are interesting, they have fascinating drawing style that catches the interest of manga readers. Read here.

The following are the list of manga that is popular even before.


In shounen genre, there are a lot of manga that has also their anime versions and popular not only in Japan but other Asian or European countries. The authenticity of Japan that is brought along within the story has its own attractiveness.

  • Naruto

Naruto, which is authored by Masashi Kishimoto, is also popular for its anime and musical. It tells about the ninja and the manga was sold for 135 copies.

  • Rurouin Kenshin

Rurouni Kenshin itself already has two films played by actors. The main actor for both Rurouni Kenshin movies is Takeru Satoh.

  • Captain Tsubasa

Captain Tsubasa tells about the football player and it is one of the Shonen Jump’s most popular series.

  • Bleach

The Bleach was sold about 75 million copies. It tells about the senior high student named Ichigo who is also a soul reaper.

  • Slam dunk

The theme about basketball is also popular in Japan, and one of the pioneers is Slam dunk. The manga was sold about 119 copies.

  • Detective Conan

The manga of Detective Conan can be credited as the one detective manga that is outstandingly popular. The story is about a senior high detective who transforms into the child. Despite his transformation, he is still able to solve many cases through sound camouflage.

  • Dragon Ball

Even people who are not really familiar with manga will know this. Dragon Ball has sold about 157 copies.