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On the May 19, the final of the UEFA Europe League will be held in St. Jakob-Park, Basel. The game is between Liverpool and Sevilla. The betting will be available on the situs303, as the situs Judi bola terpercaya. Then, you should see the prediction for the game on the website to be followed by the betting the score.

The prediction

The UEFA Europe League final will be an interesting game to watch and to bet. The game between Liverpool and Sevilla will be tense as both of the teams will want to win the game. The winner will get a chance to play in the Champions League next season. Their journeys to the journey have been a lot. They have beaten many teams to get to the final. They may not be the best team in their league because they are not the winner of the league. But, they can be said the best because they are the one that left in the tournament. Besides that, both of the teams beat the opponents in the previous game with a great score. Both of them will be aggressive in the fields. On the previous game in the UEFA Europe League, Liverpool won the game by beating Villarreal with score 3-0. They might have prepared a great strategy to win against the La Liga team. On the Sevilla side, they have beaten Shakhtar Donetsk in the semi-final game. They won with score 3-1. It seems that they have the same chance to win the game. Both of team will bring their best players to the final games. The game will be intense when the team gives all their potencies to win the game. Every team has a chance to win the game.