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Playing Game

Playing game has never been better on the laptop or smartphone. This is because nowadays people find it more convenience to play games while on bed or while having a cup of coffee with friends. Although there are some bars that provide games to be played on the bar itself such as the casino bar or arcade shop, the popularity of computer and mobile game cannot be stopped. This is why people have been shifting their preference from playing games by going outside first into playing games in anywhere that they want. One of the games that is really affected of this altered preference is the gambling games which were previously taking place massively in casino bars or other places. These gambling games are now available in some websites which are dedicated to hose online gambling games. Yes, the online feature has made it possible for us to play gambling games with other people from some places around the world.

Old Gambling Game

Besides bringing the gambling games to the whole new level, online based casino games have also attracted beginners and also veterans to play some classic gambling games such as Tangkas88. This is basically a quite old game which is famous with the name of Mickey Mouse or Bola Tangkas. This game, just like any other gambling games, requires some luck to win big. However, not only luck that must be possessed but also some experience and intelligent in analyzing each of the card situation. Hence, some people may find it a bit difficult to know the mechanism of Tangkas88. This is why playing this classic gambling game should have been previously followed by watching some videos about how to play 88Tangkas. One more thing, if we are interested to play this game, the most recommended website is situs303.net

The bag should either be tossed into the hole or land on the board to get the score. When the bag falls through the hole, it worthy of three points. The bag can be tossed directly into the hole. It also can slide into the hole or be knocked into the hole by another bad. When the bag end on the board and it is still on the board at the end of the inning will get one point. When the bag touches the ground and comes to rest on the board, it is removed from the board prior to continuation of play. It will not get any point. Cancellation scoring is used in this case. In one version of it, the bag that falls in the hole and bags that land on the board will cancel each other out. it is also including the bags that land on the board that pitched by opponents during an inning. If one team lands two bags in the hole and one on the board for seven points and the other team lands one in the hole and two on the board for five points the first team’s score would be three, not seven anymore, while the second team will get one point.

It is because of both teams had one bag and in the hole and it cancels three points. One bag on the board will cancel one point for a total of four points cancelled from each team. If one team gets one in the hole and the other team gets three in the board, there would be no cancel point and both of the team will get three points. The team ties the game will go first. Is it same as in another version of the cornhole?

Among the manga that is offered in the market, some of them have incredible popularity all around the world. Besides of the stories that are interesting, they have fascinating drawing style that catches the interest of manga readers. Read here.

The following are the list of manga that is popular even before.


In shounen genre, there are a lot of manga that has also their anime versions and popular not only in Japan but other Asian or European countries. The authenticity of Japan that is brought along within the story has its own attractiveness.

  • Naruto

Naruto, which is authored by Masashi Kishimoto, is also popular for its anime and musical. It tells about the ninja and the manga was sold for 135 copies.

  • Rurouin Kenshin

Rurouni Kenshin itself already has two films played by actors. The main actor for both Rurouni Kenshin movies is Takeru Satoh.

  • Captain Tsubasa

Captain Tsubasa tells about the football player and it is one of the Shonen Jump’s most popular series.

  • Bleach

The Bleach was sold about 75 million copies. It tells about the senior high student named Ichigo who is also a soul reaper.

  • Slam dunk

The theme about basketball is also popular in Japan, and one of the pioneers is Slam dunk. The manga was sold about 119 copies.

  • Detective Conan

The manga of Detective Conan can be credited as the one detective manga that is outstandingly popular. The story is about a senior high detective who transforms into the child. Despite his transformation, he is still able to solve many cases through sound camouflage.

  • Dragon Ball

Even people who are not really familiar with manga will know this. Dragon Ball has sold about 157 copies.

Are you ready to play cornhole? Before, let’s get to know the cornhole rules first. As you can see, rules are important. Even for lawn game such as cornhole. Without further ado, here are the rules for setup, gameplay and scoring.


For the setup, you need to find a nice flat surface. It can be your lawn, a parking lot, beach, etc. Next, set up the boards directly facing each other. The distance between the boards should be 27 feet. The game can be played with 2 or 4 players. Pick whichever side of the board you will throw from. In a 2-player game, let’s say you start throwing from the left side of the board, you will walk directly across to the other board. And then, throw back from the right side of the board. In a 4-player game, your partner’s pitching box will be across from you. Finally, pick your bags, each team get 4, and get ready to start.


First off, decide who goes first. Then, take turns throwing bags with your opponent. If your opponent throws first, then it is your turn to throw the bag afterward. Then your opponent, then you and so on. Keep in mind that your feet should not go past the front edge of the board. If, however, you do, it is a foul. And you will get pelted with cornhole bags.

The tossed bag may not touch the ground. If they do, and they bounce up on the board, remove them before any other bags are thrown. Remove them as well if they are hanging off the board and touching the ground. Once all 8 bags have been tossed to the other side, add up the score. The team that earns the most points will get the first turn for the next round.


When all of the bags have been thrown, a bag that remains on the board is worth 1 point. A bag that went in hole, 3 points. The equal points cancel each other out. The game is won when a team reaches 21 points, with 2 or more points lead.