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If you are wondering is carrageenan safe for daily consumption, you should know your basic facts before making any decision. Over the years, there has been continuous debate and controversy about the substance. Be sure that you know your facts straight or you may miss out the health benefits.


About Carrageenan

Carrageenan is basically water soluble fiber that is used in food industry for more than 70 years. It is extracted from a special red seaweed that is only found along the Irish coast, resulting in the unique name. The compound is used as stabilizer, thickener, and emulsifier, giving improved taste and texture to the foods.


However, people don’t know that food grade carrageenan is different from the degraded carrageenan (often referred to as poligeenan). While the carrageenan is used in the food industry because of its safe natural trait, the poligeenan isn’t. In fact, when people say about carrageenan cancer, it is highly possible that they refer to poligeenan as it is positively harmful. Carrageenan can’t be turned into poligeenan during food processing or during digestive process.


Poligeenan results from carrageenan treatment with high temperature and strong acid. Carrageenan has 200,000 to 800,000 molecular weights, while the poligeenan only has 10,000 to 20,000. The low molecular weight allows the substance to enter the digestive tract walls and come into the blood stream. But since carrageenan has high molecular weight, such penetration is impossible. Based on study, the carrageenan only passes the digestive system - just like other food fiber. Since it is a natural fiber itself, the claim is logical.


A study was done in the 60s on animal subjects. When they are given low molecular substance in big amount, pre cancerous lesions started to appear. Such results weren’t shown in animals being fed with carrageenan. To learn more about the subject, you can click here and find out more.

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The Benefits

By taking the Bio Muscle RX as your supplement, you will be able to enjoy plenty of its benefits. For instance, the supplement is made to control focus and strength during your exercise. Therefore, you can exercise more and find a good way to balance your strength and your stamina. Since it has no caloric intake, Bio Muscle RX will help you to burn fat faster without getting your fat. The main benefit that you can gain from Bio Muscle RX is that it is specifically designed to reduce tiredness. No matter how many times you exercise, you can always add more stamina using Bio Muscle Rx.

If you’re someone that always follow the latest news on food and health, then you must know about the highly debated carrageenan. Being the hot topic for some quite time, carrageenan has able to make people in dilemma. They are questioning themselves, “Is carrageenan bad? Or is it actually okay to consume?” And when people talk about whether carrageenan is good or bad, they are likely referring to the effects of carrageenan on health. But how many people out there that have tried to see it on different perspective? What if they also consider the non-health effects carrageenan has?


It doesn’t mean that carrageenan is bad for health; as long as what you consume is the food-grade carrageenan, you’re safe. And the ingredient used in food products you eat is always the food-grade kind of carrageenan, so you worry for no reason.

Carrageenan is a food additive that is very useful. Thanks to its ability to perform as a binder, stabilizer and thickening agent in foods, carrageenan can help maintain the integrity of shelf stable foods and beverages. With a mix of carrageenan in those food products, they can travel great distances often without the need of refrigerator. And when the food products arrive at the destination, they are still in good condition. With that, people who don’t have direct access to those foods will be able to enjoy them.

Carrageenan also helps with the delivery of nutrient-dense liquid, such as chocolate milk, almond milk and formula milk. With carrageenan contained in the drink, you can get access to the popular chocolate milk from another country. For countries that lack of clean water, these nutrient-dense liquid drinks are very much needed. They need the milk, but thanks to carrageenan, they don’t have to add water in the drink.

There are some reasons to do the legal paternity test. Not only one reason, but also there are many reasons in this case.

Some reasons in doing the paternity test

The first reason is it can be supported a child. Through this way, it will be known the biological father. After knowing that, child support can be gotten. So, when you have the doubtful about a biological father, you can do this test. There will be the test by taking the samples from the participants. Then, if the result says that a man is not the biological father, he doesn’t need to pay some money as the child support. In the other word, if the result shows that a man is a biological father of a child, he must give the money as the child support.

Then, the second reason is as the visitation rights and custody battles. It is as the basic rule to know the custody. In some cases, there are a man and a women divorce. Then, the condition may happen when a father will continue to see the child; however, a child doesn’t want to this happening. Through this test, a father will have the legal claims if the result of the test shows that he is the biological father.

The third reason is for the issues of the immigration. For example, when there is a man of the U.S citizen has the child that lives in another country. Then, he wants to ask his child to live together becoming U.S citizen likes him, it will accept if there is the result of the DNA test that shows he is a biological father.

Then, the last reason is for an adopting a child. A DNA test is needed to make sure that the biological father agrees if his child is adopted by another person.