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The brand name or generics side effects for most people when they know about this food ingredient are that it can bring some bad effects for them. Well, it is actually quite not true, though. What you must learn in knowing the side effect of the carrageenan is probably from the type of the carrageenan itself. It is going to be wiser and smarter in deciding either it is a good thing or a bad thing.

The carrageenan side effects based on its types

Some people may understand that the carrageenan is actually a compound derived from the red edible seaweeds. So basically this is a good alternative for you as avegan. Considering lots of benefits from this compound people start wondering about the carrageenan side effects that may come to them. What you must know first is there are two types of carrageenan based on the making process. They are the undegraded and degraded.

The undegraded one is the traditional one. This is actually commonly used in food ingredients because there is no harsh process before it is added to our foods. Then the last is the degraded one or nowadays commonly known as the poligeenan. This type is usually used in non-food ingredients. And this type is actually the one that you need to pay attention for.

The bad carrageenan side effects are actual will come if you consume it for a long time in un-regularly basis and it can cause cancer. But so far the carrageenan itself is actually not a harmful compound both of the type. This is because it is extracted from the natural food ingredient; the carrageenan itself is the safe food ingredients that you can consume.

Cancer may come to you if you consume it in an unwise way. So the point is that you need to be a smart and wise consumer. Thus you can avoidcancer that harms your body.