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Carrageenan is the soluble fiber product which is derived from the red seaweed. It is also known as the food ingredient which has been used for hundreds of years around the world. It can be called as the naturally occurring substance. The confused between carrageenan and poligeenan make the carrageenan dangers spread around thepublic.

Understanding the poligeenan

The poligeenan is the degraded carrageenan. It is not a food additive and does not have functionality in food. The use of the poligeenan is in a medical imaging application and it is considered as acarcinogen. From the materials, carrageenan and poligeenan are not only different from the material but also from the manufacturing processes. Poligeenan production requires aggressive processing which uses strong acids and high temperature over a period of time. Then, the extraction process between poligeenan and carrageenan is different because carrageenan only needs minimal processing to release and purify.

If the human body temperature is about 98.60F, you will need more than that to make poligeenan. The poligeenan needs extremely high temperatures about 1900F. It is like the double body temperature.

Besides the temperature, the pH number to make poligeenan is different from carrageenan and the normal pH number. pH is the measure of how acidic or how basic a substance is. Then, when you start eating, the stomach could release the acids and other enzymes to aid in digestion. At this moment, the average pH level in the stomach is about 3. It is the same as the acidity of orange juice which is the same average pH.Poligeenan undergoes an acid process during production at pH levels in the range of 0.9 to 1.3. It is similar to the pH levels of the acids in the car battery, which is 100 times stronger than the acids in orange juice.

The brand name or generics side effects for most people when they know about this food ingredient are that it can bring some bad effects for them. Well, it is actually quite not true, though. What you must learn in knowing the side effect of the carrageenan is probably from the type of the carrageenan itself. It is going to be wiser and smarter in deciding either it is a good thing or a bad thing.

The carrageenan side effects based on its types

Some people may understand that the carrageenan is actually a compound derived from the red edible seaweeds. So basically this is a good alternative for you as avegan. Considering lots of benefits from this compound people start wondering about the carrageenan side effects that may come to them. What you must know first is there are two types of carrageenan based on the making process. They are the undegraded and degraded.

The undegraded one is the traditional one. This is actually commonly used in food ingredients because there is no harsh process before it is added to our foods. Then the last is the degraded one or nowadays commonly known as the poligeenan. This type is usually used in non-food ingredients. And this type is actually the one that you need to pay attention for.

The bad carrageenan side effects are actual will come if you consume it for a long time in un-regularly basis and it can cause cancer. But so far the carrageenan itself is actually not a harmful compound both of the type. This is because it is extracted from the natural food ingredient; the carrageenan itself is the safe food ingredients that you can consume.

Cancer may come to you if you consume it in an unwise way. So the point is that you need to be a smart and wise consumer. Thus you can avoidcancer that harms your body.

Having an air fryer can definitely change your life to a positive direction. Not only you can expect better health, you can also expect easiness and simplicity in cooking. When you have problems with food preparation and you are always overwhelmed with the various house chores, this is time to buy one.


The Fast Result and Process

When you have an air fryer, you don’t need to prepare anything. You don’t even have to preheat the frozen foods either. Simply put them in the fryer, turn it on, and your foods will be ready – all crisp on the outside and moist in the inside.


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Reheat the foods will also take a while – even faster than using the convection oven. Even when you have reheated the foods, they will remain crisp and tasty. If you are a busy and active person with a lot of things in your hand, the fryer will definitely give you a better result.


Reading the Reviews

It is advisable that you always read air fryer review before making a purchase. Different devices come with different features and specs. You really need to understand the specific details before you can choose a particular device or brand. Keep in mind that the best fryer is the one that can meet your requirements and fulfill your needs.


When it comes to the matter of air fryers, although it has not been a long time since Phillips first introduced this product to the general population, the people of the cooking industry all around the world have taken to it like fish to water. Americans get ready chicken wings in their air fryers. The British use it to make their favorite chips. All in all, it seems like no country is free from the reign of this new and better technology that has finally given a substitute method for traditional deep frying. An air fryer is a kitchen machine that cooks by circling hot air around the food. A mechanical fan courses the hot air around the nourishment at fast, cooking the sustenance and creating a firm layer on account of the Maillard impact.

Understanding the Practicality of Air Fryers

By coursing air up to two hundred degrees Celsius, this apparatus fries a few nourishments like potato chips, chicken, fish or baked goods and it utilizes less oil than a customary fryer. Most air fryers accompany movable temperature and clock handles that consider more exact cooking. Nourishment is cooked in the cooking wicker container that sits on a dribble plate. Different brands of air fryers case to spare as much as eighty percent cooking oil in contrast with conventional fryers. While most models of air fryers require that the wicker bin is occasionally shaken to guarantee notwithstanding cooking all through, some shows fuse a sustenance instigator that ceaselessly stirs the nourishment amid the cooking process. You should click on the link http://familynano.com/best-air-fryer if you are looking for more information about the best air fryer available for you. If you make good use of the air fryer review that you can find if you click on that link, a lot of time and effort would be saved on your part.