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Do you want to know more about security, read the explanation below!

People work with different jobs from one to another. Some people maybe work as a teacher, businessman, labor, driver, tailor, etc. The place to work is also different, for example if a teacher works in a school building, it will different with a seller who works in market, and so forth. One of the occupations that we can find easily in everywhere is about security. It is divided into several types such as for a application, for a company, for a finance etc. The function is the same to do the prevention of and protection against assault, damage, fire, fraud, invasion of privacy, theft, unlawful entry, and other such occurrences caused by deliberate action in a place.

However, the person who works to safe a place has a duty to focus on keeping the safety in that place. It can be in a house, office, school, bank, hospital, or others building. There are several duties such as keep the building safe and prevent any disturbance both from inside and outside. Disturbance from inside is like when there are some actions such as thief, corruption, sabotage, etc. On the other hand, to avoid any disturbance from outside, he or she can check people who enter the building to make sure they are not carrying weapons or other illegal materials, so they can do robbery.

                  When people giving attention to security, they can make their place or thing or person keeps safe. They can visit its company who provide some workers with a good guarantee with good qualification. You can trust the source to look for the one who can keep your company, your house, or your private body guard like what you want. Usually, the worker is man, but it does not mean if there is no competence woman worker. The important thing is that they have to face any bad possibility that maybe happen when they are working. Sometime, they can get accident, emergency situation, disaster, and so on. More experience will be better than never at all.