How to give your partner a lap dance

Treating your partner to a lap dance is sexy, hot, arousing and will lead up to so many other things. Thinking about a lap dance is simple; doing it is the complicated part. If you have never done it before, it could go both ways. You may end up spicing things up or just playing awkward. Before you start the dance, be mindful about the music. Choose a slow and sexy song for the occasions. Make sure it is music that you like and your body can match the rhythm and beat while you are dancing for your man. Don’t chose a playlist that is too long, if the dance is great, it will only take a minute before he puts the entire lap dance to a halt. Put the chair against a wall or make sure he is seated in a position where you can support yourself.

The main part of the lap dance is the actual dance. For those who have never danced before it can actually be intimidating. The best way to do it is to lean forward arch your back and let him get a view from behinds as you dance. Click here to watch other people giving out a lap dance. Watching a video or two will make it easier and faster for you to learn. The art of seductiveness can really come in handy during the lap dance. If you are in no way seductive, it is better to learn before you present yourself for a fail. Trailing your hands down your body is a simple way to portray some seductiveness. You can try teasing him by tying him loosely to the chair and letting him watch while you are in action. In a lap dance, the hottest tool is our body, specifically the hips. If you are able to move them with ease, everything will be easier for you.