How to defeat erectile dysfunction – men’s guide

Sexual activity between a man and a woman primarily depends on the ability of the man to have and maintain an erection. Inadequate sexual satisfaction can lead to broken relationships, marriages, and low self-esteem, especially on the man. While erectile dysfunction is associated with age, in recent days even much younger men have been diagnosed with the condition. The good news is that this condition is manageable. Incorporate exercise in your daily life. You can start by walking an average of thirty minutes every day. If you can afford, enrol in a gym or get the services of a personal trainer. Exercise not only keeps you fit but also keeps you relaxed encouraging a healthy sex life. It will also help reduce stress, and stress leads to the production of adrenaline which shrinks blood vessels impeding the standard functionality of a penis.

You can also practice healthy eating habits. Drinking lots of water and eating foods rich in proteins, carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables or fibres will reduce the risk of obesity and vascular diseases. While the penis requires lots of blood to achieve and maintain an erection, these diseases prevent enough blood flow to the penis.  Avoid engaging in risky sexual activities. There is an increased demand for kinky and adventurous sexual activities. Many people have turned to pornographic sites like top-site-adulte.frfor new insights. Not all these sexual activities are safe for your penis. Some of them can lead to injuries that can affect the functionality of your penis. Avoid excessive smoking or taking alcohol.  You Overconsumption of alcohol contributes to irregular production of testosterone which is responsible for maintaining an erection. Excessive smoking too causes contraction of blood vessels that are responsible for the supply of blood to the penis causing erectile dysfunction. You should adopt these methods to keep your penis healthy.