Caring for your sex doll

Taking good care of your sex doll will increase its durability. Most of these dolls will come with a sex doll guide that will include instructions that will help you to care for your doll. Here are some of the things that you can adapt to enjoy your doll longer. It is advisable to use a water based lube instead of the oil-based lubricants. Oil-based lubricants will be tough on the skin of your doll making it chip. You might find yourself continually replacing the skin which can cost you more money. After you have used the doll ensure you clean especially the vagina and anus to avoid build-up of bacteria which in turn can be transferred to you causing infections. You can also cleanse the whole body of the doll regularly using antibacterial soaps. Make sure to dry it thoroughly before storage as well. If you intend to store it for a long time, do not keep if folded for it will weekend the metal skeleton making it distorted which can make it appear unattractive. If you can make sure your doll fits perfectly in the storage space.

Most sex dolls are made of metal skeletons. You will need to be gentle with the doll to avoid damage. When you move your doll around, be gentle, do not just throw it against surfaces without consideration. The metal also allows the doll to be flexible enabling you to perform many sex styles. However, it can be broken; as a result of too rough movements. Putting lots of pressure on your doll while having sex can also damage it. You can apply pressure but not too much of it. Using sharp objects on the doll too can be dangerous. You can end up destroying it’s the material and eventually the metal skeleton. These tips will make you have your doll for almost forever.